We execute our customers’ projects to the highest standards while fully assuming our economic, social and environmental corporate responsibilities.

VCS combines specialised and complex know-how in the construction trades with solid and extensive experience as a general contractor and programme manager.

Listening to our customers is a top priority, and we strive to create lasting and consistent relationships based on cooperative, collaborative work in the spirit of partnership.

With this in mind, we can guarantee ongoing commitment and tailor-made support to our customers.

VCS Geschäftsgebäude & Kaufhäuser

Tertiary & commercial structures

VCS uses its skills and expertise in completing complex works on occupied and empty sites to carry out tertiary and commercial projects.

VCS Wohn und Mischbauwerke

Residential and mixed-use structures

In the field of residential and mixed structures, VCS brings high added value by fulfilling its customers’ needs as closely as possible and meeting the highest levels of quality, safety, engineering and methods in all projects.

Suisse, Route Douanière, VCS

Functional facilities

VCS has proven expertise in completing complex functional facilities, such as railway stations, multimodal transport hubs, airports, factories, industrial buildings, maintenance centres, sports facilities, underground car parks and public facilities.

VCS Verkehrsinfrastruktur

Transport infrastructure

VCS creates transport infrastructure such as footbridges, trams, cable transport, and rail and road engineering structures to meet the growing need for mobility of goods and of people.

VCS Unterirdische Arbeiten

Underground works

VCS draws on its extensive international experience in the field of underground works to provide optimised solutions.

Hydraulic infrastructure

An expert in hydraulic infrastructure, VCS provides solutions adapted to the management and development of water resources and energy, such as dams, fish passes, spillways, canals, hydroelectric power plants and penstocks.

Organisation of the VINCI group

VCS is part of the VINCI Group, which means that it can deliver operational excellence and expertise in general contracting and programme management in all construction trades.
It also creates synergy between our services in concessions and contracting.


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