Each of our customers is unique, and so are their projects and needs. That is why we provide tailored, proven and eco-efficient solutions for every sector.

By taking up the SSE sustainable development charter, VCS has adopted an action plan and a specific roadmap, made a firm long‑term commitment to three fields of sustainable development:

  • Economic component: procurement, employment, innovation
  • Social component: training, risk prevention, integration, retraining
  • Environmental component: waste, water, communication, monitoring

In all our projects, we are committed to:

  • Taking long‑term responsibility for the structures that we deliver by placing people at the heart of our projects, minimising the environmental impact of our actions and anticipating their changing uses upstreaM
  • Delivering high-performance structures, irrespective of purpose (tertiary, residential, major projects, equipment, etc.)
  • Working collectively, unifying our partners and leveraging the expertise of the other entities in the VINCI Group
  • Carrying out work for the benefit of occupants and residents, instead of merely considering projects’ technical performance
  • Establish a feeling of trust with our partners and acting in complete transparency

Environmental Attitude
Committing to sustainable projects

We award the Environmental Attitude label to sites that meet 10 criteria based on regulatory requirements, standards and good practices observed during operations.

The label reflects the company’s commitment to minimising the impact of its activity on the environment.