VCS strives to retain and develop skills through a human resources policy that places integration, commitment, diversity, training and safety at the heart of its activities.

Build a remarkable career

Joining VCS means working in a close‑knit company with the strength and resources of a large group, making real contributions to structures that improve city life, developing trades and managing projects that involve both technical and human aspects.

We recruit employees who want to build and develop regions that make people’s safety a priority on a daily basis.


Empowering employees

Our managerial model is based on the principles of independence, responsibility and trust. This approach boosts the company’s performance and enables us to best meet the needs of the markets and our customers. The model is based on strong values such as respect and solidarity, prioritising people over systems and developing individual and collective initiatives.


Promoting diversity through recruitment

Diversity and promoting a variety of profiles are key factors in our corporate performance, and one of the main assets of VCS.
We fight against all forms of discrimination in recruitment, working relationships and career development.