We place innovation at the heart of our services.
The VCS turnkey service provider model, incorporating design, engineering, innovation and coordinating the entire project, enables us to fulfil our customers’ most complex requirements.


VCS uses BIM (Building Information Modelling) from the design phase through to maintenance. Having a single complete 3D model of the structure ensures a common basis for collaborative work, secures the design, reduces risks at the execution phase and improves operation and maintenance of the building.

A culture of innovation

Our teams provide daily innovations that enable us to manage technical risks, bring added value to structures and, for our employees, improve safety and make their work less arduous.

Every two years, this constant striving for operational excellence and a number of these innovations are rewarded at the VINCI INNOVATION AWARDS.

Technical engineering

Design tools/materials
Striving for optimisation
Phasing plan/methods
Sharing operational records
LEAN Construction/Operational Excellence

Financial engineering

Business plan
Simulations, real estate development, public-private partnerships, concession and programme management
Risks analysis and control

Win‑win contracts